Photo shoot with helicopter in Warsaw – your new cover!

Friends, we want to offer you a photo session with a helicopter in Warsaw. A personal, video, brand, model, clothing collection, portfolio or family photo session is possible with one of the helicopters.

You are running or developing an Internet project, an interviewer, a streamer, a novice blogger or no longer a beginner. Visualization is the engine of your success. A beautiful picture significantly increases activity, increases engagement, promotes promotion, increases recognition and will definitely add a new target audience.

Any platform on the network is visited by millions of people every day, the content must be updated and you most likely must maintain a certain level or it’s time to raise the bar. We publish posts with helicopters in the Internet in the same way. We regularly add photos, interesting videos, and share current news and publications with new flights with followers.

Examples, photos and videos of the helicopter can be found on our social networks: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. Probably, after looking at the photo with the helicopter, you will think about how you can conduct such a photo shoot. Perhaps you will be visited by a new interesting idea, one that no one has ever done before.

I wonder, what about streaming with a helicopter in the background?

Family is the most precious thing in our life. On a nice sunny day, you can come with the whole family, take your dog with you and have a photo shoot with a helicopter, make some funny, joyful videos. Moreover, you can also fly over Warsaw by helicopter and look at the panorama of the capital. How do you like this idea?

There can be many examples, they are different, unique, each can be better and cooler than the other.

But you should never forget that any idea can be realized!

Photoset information:

Helicopter – Robinson 44, Robinson 66, Eurocopter 120

Location – heliport Konstancin

Duration – 60 минут

Price Robinson 44 — 1275 zł PLN / 300 € EUR

Price Robinson 66 — 1700 zł PLN / 400 € EUR

Price Eurocopter 120 — 2125 zł PLN / 500 € EUR

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