Thinking about ordering a helicopter for your wedding? Good idea – 100%!

A wedding helicopter flight in Kiev is an amazing opportunity to add bright colors to your holiday.

For a wedding flight, you can choose an individual flight, taking into account the location of the event, your wishes, or choose from the available pleasure flights as a wedding gift.

Choosing a pleasure helicopter flight for a wedding, you can fly a helicopter, both on the wedding day, and on the next or any other day that is more convenient for you.

If you want the helicopter to deliver the newlyweds to the wedding celebration, then you need to choose a place for the wedding in a restaurant or recreation complex, outside of Kiev. There are a number of available places for seating in the restaurant, we will be happy to advise you and select the best option, taking into account all the subtleties.

In this case, we will be able to land where the guests will be waiting for the newlyweds.

A wedding helicopter in Kiev will make your wedding memorable, not ordinary and not like everyone else.

Flight information:

Helicopter – Robinson 44, 1 pilot + 3 passengers

Takeoff – Hydropark airfield

Flight – individually

Route – flight to a restaurant or pleasure flight

Price – negotiable

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