Controlled flight is a unique opportunity to feel like a helicopter pilot.

Each flight is interesting and unique in its own way, each of them has its own distinctive feature.

But, perhaps, there is little that can compare with the impressions received from the fact that you are not only flying a helicopter for the first time, but also controlling it. Imagine for a second, you are piloting a helicopter? Is it cool?!

Many come to us for emotions and want to give a little bit of happiness to relatives, friends and relatives. Such an opportunity does not happen often, you cannot refuse and you should definitely try it!

Helicopter piloting can be chosen as an addition to any of the proposed flights. Takeoff/landing is performed by the pilot, and in the process he will give you a control stick and you will lead the helicopter to meet new horizons.

Flight information:

Helicopter – Robinson 44, 1 pilot + 3 passengers

Takeoff – Hydropark airfield

Flight – any flight

Route – depends on the chosen flight

Price – 500 uah.

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