Eurocopter 145 is a large multi-purpose twin-engine helicopter. One of the most popular and demanded helicopters in Europe.

Due to its technical characteristics, qualities and functionality, it is widely used both for charter passenger flights, and with great success for medical, rescue and other important tasks. Recently used by the police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine. Convenient sliding cabin doors, hinged tailgate, re-equipment of the cabin for two recumbents, installation of all kinds of medical equipment – this is not the whole range of capabilities of the unique machine.

We have available a modification with a VIP lounge for the transport of 8 passengers. The cabin is spacious, leather seats, climate control system and noise canceling headset for a comfortable flight. You can fly with your family or a large company to rest in Bukovel or on the sea to Odessa, on a business trip throughout Ukraine.

Renting a Eurocopter 145 helicopter for charter flights is available upon pre-order and route planning. It is possible to rent a helicopter for a one-way, round-trip flight, with one or more overnight stays at the destination, as agreed before departure. The helicopter performs flights to Ukrainian airports during the day and at night all year round.

We can deliver a helicopter to the VIP terminal of the airport, to the airfield, to a certified or non-certified site, to a hotel, country relax or a tourist complex.

You can take luggage with you in the form of hand luggage, per passenger, or full luggage in the form of bags (suitcases are excluded) based on the allowable total weight of passengers and luggage on board.

Eurocopter 145 is an exclusive business class helicopter for flights with VIP status for our customers.

Helicopter information:

Helicopter – Eurocopter, 1 pilot + up to 8 passengers

Speed – 230 km/h;

Maximum speed – 250 km/h;

Rate of climb – 16.5 m/s;

Engine power – up to 2 x 735 h/p;

Flight range – 600 km;

Flight duration – 3 hours;

Working height – 300 m.

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