Eurocopter 130 is a business class helicopter popular for charter flights. Fast, mobile and comfortable helicopter for flights at any time and in any direction.

The helicopter is quite difficult to confuse with another, its fuselage has a distinctive and unique wide shape. It is much wider than the Eurocopter 120 and even the Eurocopter 145, which made it possible to place 3 seats in the front row, and 4 passenger seats in the back by default. However, in our modification, the rear row is designed for 3 passengers, which allows you to comfortably seat on wider seats. By sacrificing quantity, we improve quality. The complete absence of stiffness, softness and comfort guarantee a pleasant flight.

The purpose of the helicopter is charter flights between cities and airports in Ukraine. An exception could be a flight to Chernobyl, if the required number of passengers is 5 people. The helicopter is not cost-effective to use for short flights.

Renting a Eurocopter 130 helicopter for charter flights between cities and airports in Ukraine is exceptionally convenient and fast. The difference from aircraft rental, when you can fly only the airport – the airport, for example Kyiv Zhuliany – Kharkiv, lies in the absence of landing restrictions or they are extremely minimal. You can plan a flight from airport to airport in exactly the same way as from an airport to any point, to a prepared or unprepared site. We are ready to bring a helicopter to the parking lot of the VIP-terminal of any of the Ukrainian airports and easily proceed to Bukovel or Odessa.

You can order a helicopter flight according to the route and time convenient for you. The schedule can be made up of a rental for one day, as well as a flight with an overnight stay or several days of parking.

Eurocopter 130 — appreciate all the privileges available for business aviation.

Helicopter information:

Helicopter – Eurocopter 130, 1 pilot + 5 passengers

Speed – 230 km/h;

Maximum speed – 275 km/h;

Rate of climb – 11,5 m/s;

Engine power – up to 855 h/p;

Flight range – 600 km;

Flight duration – 3 hours;

Working height – 300 m.

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