The Bell 407 helicopter is a time-tested helicopter that has accumulated the experience of many years of history, an extremely reliable and safe helicopter. Comfortable, fast and trouble-free, flies easily and softly.

Bell 407 – available with a VIP leather interior and is designed to carry 4 passengers with the ability to take 5 passengers if the 5th takes the seat next to the pilot. The chairs are comfortable, soft with lateral support, there are armrests and cup holders. Salon with a business model, when two rows of seats are directed towards each other, two in the direction of travel, and two against. You can discuss the main points of your trip or conduct preliminary negotiations already during the flight to save time. The flight is conducive to this, passengers sit face to face using a noise-canceling headset, with the possibility of separate with the pilot or shared use for negotiations inside the cabin at the request of the client.

The helicopter is equipped with modern avionics, climate control, anti-vibration system and additionally modified factory sound insulation to increase flight quality. You can take hand luggage, bags (suitcases are excluded) in the luggage compartment.

The purpose of the helicopter is charter business flights, non-stop flights to the Chernobyl zone, it is also possible to have a luxury photo session and filming in clips, movies, and so on. Each order is individual and requires a personal approach to the tasks.

The helicopter easily flies you to any Ukrainian airports, from international to domestic and back, to the airfield, to your chosen and most convenient destination outside of aviation facilities. The helicopter will take you to the planes or meet you at the VIP-terminal, and if you want, it will take you to the hotel or to the country house. The range of possibilities for a helicopter is practically unlimited.

In extreme cases, if for some reason a helicopter flight is not suitable for you, then as an alternative, you can use a light business jet, a cessna aircraft for flights to domestic Ukrainian and international airports in a price segment comparable to the cost of a Bell helicopter flight.

Renting Bell 407 helicopter for a charter flight is a decisive step and an investment in success.

Helicopter information:

Helicopter – Bell 407, 1 pilot + 5/6 passengers

Speed – 230 km/h;

Maximum speed – 260 km/h;

Rate of climb – 7 m/s;

Engine power – up to 860 h/p;

Flight range – 600 km;

Flight duration – 3 hours;

Working height – 300 m.

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