Good afternoon dear friends. I would like to share with you the news of this summer.

1. Social networks

After the resumption of flights, we started running our TikTok and would like to invite you to join our social networks. Many of you are already our Instagram or Facebook subscribers. It’s nice to see you all as followers.

Links to our social networks: Instagram :: TikTok :: Facebook.

We are glad that we continue to communicate with those who have already flown with us and with those who have yet to fly.

2. Flights over Warsaw

Today we would like to introduce you to 4 options for helicopter flights over Warsaw.

  • The «Eco 10 Minute» flight is suitable for beginners. It’s not very long lasting. The total time including starting the engine, flying and stopping the engine will be up to 10 minutes. This is small enough for a helicopter flight, but if you just want to try, perhaps you are afraid of flying, then this option is just for you.
  • The «Basic 20 Minutes» flight, lasting up to 20 minutes, will give you the opportunity to get a better feel for what a helicopter flight is like and get a boost of emotions and energy. The golden mean, optimal in price and time. Not the longest, but not the shortest flight either.
  • Flight «Premium 35 minutes» is the longest flight in the skies of Warsaw by helicopter. Total time 30-35 minutes. You will fly over the entire capital from South to North and back, and will be able to cover the maximum number of sights and interesting corners visible only from the sky.
  • Flight «Helicopter pilot». A very interesting option and one of the most popular, and most importantly emotional. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to fly a helicopter and feel its dynamics and drive. We will present it soon and the link will appear here.

3. Photoshoot

You don’t have to fly one to get to know a helicopter. We want to say that you can improve your portfolio, conduct a photo shoot, shoot a video, unboxing, or stream on TikTok or Instagram. There are a lot of ideas, but we are always interested in hearing something new from you. And we, for our part, enjoy immersing ourselves in them and participating in the implementation process.

4. Helicopter sales

Becoming the owner of a helicopter is not very difficult, but it is relatively inexpensive if you buy a resource helicopter. Compared to a new one, it can be significantly cheaper. It’s easier and faster with it, since it’s already ready to fly. A new helicopter must be ordered, wait for delivery, assemble, and so on. Typically this process can last one year.

We offer two resource helicopters for purchase:

  1. Eurocopter 130
  2. Robinson 44

Links to the description can be found here: Eurocopter :: Robinson

Become the owner of your own helicopter or buy a helicopter with your friends and take turns flying.

5. What’s next?

It’s difficult to start from scratch again, we thank you for your support. We have many ideas and aspirations, but not everything always depends on us. We will try to implement them, but at least for this we need time.

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