Jetson One is a multicopter with a pilot on board.

Jetson is a Swedish company that designs and manufactures eVtol aircraft. The mission is to change the way we travel, the goal is to make the sky more accessible to everyone.

The production of their first device began in 2017, and in the spring of 2018 the prototype was ready. Planners and designers continued to work on the quadcopter in terms of design, safety, convenience, manufacturability, and so on. As a result of the work, the name Jetson ONE appeared – a personal electric piloted vehicle designed for 1 pilot, it can be owned and it can be flown.

The priority is safety. In the event of failure of one of the 8 engines, the copter will be able to safely continue the flight. The flight control system, namely the flight computer, has triple redundancy, which eliminates the possibility of failure. For example, in aircraft, duplication of most components and assemblies is used, and many helicopters, such as Robinson 44, do not have duplication systems, fly on 1 engine, and so on.

Jetson is equipped with lidar sensors to read the terrain of the Earth’s surface and avoid collision with obstacles. A ballistic parachute with rapid deployment was installed. Many of the latest developments for small aircraft are increasingly used systems aimed at flight safety at the highest level.

The main flight performance characteristics: weight – 86 kg, allowable pilot weight – 95 kg, folded width only 90 cm, flight duration up to 20 minutes, electric motors – 8 pcs, control – 3-axis joystick and throttle, frame – aluminum.

The Jetson has a top speed of 102 km/h, but it can also reach higher speeds. The fact is that the developers have set a limiter at the software level, for safety reasons for the pilot.

According to the information on the official website of the organization, in 2022 it is necessary to deposit $22,000 to order Jetson One, and after the device is delivered to the factory for assembly, the balance is $70,000. Moreover, the company sold all the models planned for release this year on pre-order, which indicates the enormous popularity of the multicopter.

Jetson is an interesting development in the field of electric flying air vehicles for movement and perhaps has a great future, since initially it can be upgraded from a single-seat manned drone to a two-seat one, have a longer flight duration and will be able to give its owners the opportunity to look into the most remote corners, it was created for those who are obsessed with the sky.

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