Cyclotech is an Austrian company, one of the leaders in the design and construction of cyclorotary moving systems, working on innovative solutions in the field of aeronautical engineering.

Intensive research for more than 10 years has allowed to create a new propulsion system on the principle of cyclofat. This design uses rotating rotors that look like barrels to create traction and lift. The peculiarity of the design is that the cyclorotor is able to create a vector traction force of 360 degrees, which allows you to balance and perform the flight on the principle of a helicopter, hovering and moving in any direction in space. Working on the principle of Voith – Schneider installation, the power plant is widely used in shipbuilding to drive ships in motion.

The rotor has a unique cylindrical design in the form of a barrel, but instead of the usual walls, round bases are connected by blades and an axis. The blades, similar to helicopter propellers, change the angle of attack, which allows you to direct the thrust in the right direction vertically, and the ability to change the angle of the blades and move the axis relative to the center of rotation, allow you to move along the vertical axis. In addition, rotors driven by electric motors, unlike other power plants, are able to respond instantly to control signals and move in space. Thus, the cyclocopter has the maximum responsiveness, reacts and controls as quickly and efficiently as possible, perhaps even faster than when maneuvering a helicopter.

The prototype of the current Cyclotech rotates at 3100 rpm and creates a maximum traction of 247N. Cyclotech was able to lift the original steamer into the air. The rotors show excellent results and are able to create a strong competition to conventional designs with a thrust vector in one direction, unlike the cyclorotor. During the development period, the company created 5 generations of rotors, but in 2021 it presented a demonstration flying exclusively on its rotors, which performed a series of test flights and thus flew several tens of hours during the tests.

The company continues to work on its projects and create new concepts, already offers many applications for its development, including cargo evtol drones and air taxis, offers cyclorotors as controls for helicopters and other aircraft.

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