The DJI Air 2s quadrocopter is a high-tech smart drone.

The Air 2s drone from DJI is the continuation of the Mavic series of drones, an improved version of its predecessor, the Mavic 2 quadcopter. Lightweight and functional quadcopter with folding arms, convenient for transportation during trips and travels. The drone easily folds into a special carrying bag, including all extra batteries, propellers, filters and other accessories.

What has changed and what improvements has the quadcopter received? The most obvious and conspicuous presence of two additional anti-collision sensors for the new version of Active Track. Flight safety and collision avoidance will help keep the aircraft safe and sound, as well as not damage other objects or harm others.

The drone received the APAS 4.0 + Active Track 4.0 system. The technology makes it possible to work much better on collision avoidance, taught the drone not only not to collide with obstacles, but also to bypass them quickly and confidently. The drone began to perfectly identify branches, wires and other small-sized obstacles and bypass, keep a given target thanks to new systems.

Perhaps the most important and no less eye-catching new camera with 20 megapixels 5K 1 inch CMOS sensor with a pixel size of 2.4 microns. The camera has become much better, now you can shoot at a resolution of 5.4K, 4K at 60 fps with a bit rate of 150 Mbps, 120 fps in full HD, 240 fps in full HD in Slow Mo, and so on. or 8x digital zoom.

Shooting at sunset, flying at night, city lights at night is no longer a problem thanks to the high resolution, color reproduction, high dynamic range and stabilization of the drone during the flight. The camera works just fine and perfectly transmits the picture. Point of Interest 3.0 Hyperlapse Course Lock Waypoint Circle !

The drone comes with an RC 231 control equipment (remote control) with an operating frequency range of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz with automatic switching and is used together with a mobile phone. The device also interfaces with alternative controllers RC Pro and Smart Controller. The maximum signal transmission range is 12 km in line of sight, without obstacles, and Gps/Glonass is responsible for satellite positioning. In case of signal loss, the quadcopter will automatically return to the take-off point in automatic mode. Accesses manually configurable return home options.

Collision avoidance with other aircraft, airplanes, helicopters and UAVs is provided by the AirSense system, which operates on the basis of the ADS-B transponder. The air situation is displayed on the screen and in the event of an unsafe approach, the system will notify the pilot, both the drone and another aircraft.

The drone accelerates in Normal mode up to 54 km/h, and in sport mode up to 72 km/h. The quadcopter is able to stay in the air for 25 minutes, and in the case of the Combo configuration, you can absolutely enjoy the flight for more than 1 hour. The model is supplied in the basic configuration and in the Fly More Combo version, where the kit contains additional 2 batteries, propellers, a charging hub, filters and a convenient DJI branded carrying bag.

Quadcopter Dji Air 2s is a modern, constructive drone for everyday amateur and professional flights. It is very responsive, compact, stable and always ready to fly at your pleasure.

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