A charter helicopter flight from Kyiv to Zaporizhzhia is the shortest and fastest way to the southern region of Ukraine.

Zaporizhzhia and Zaporizhzhia region is an industrial, energy and aircraft building center for the Ukrainian economy and business, a significant region on a national scale.

To date, the Ukrainian road map cannot provide a fast road connection with the region, similar to the Kharkiv or Odesa direction. But you can use an airplane or, even better, rent a helicopter to fly to Zaporizhzhia. As we already know, the helicopter is the most time-efficient mode of transport in our country.

The flight time by helicopter from Kyiv to Zaporizhzhia is 2 hours 15 minutes – 2 hours 45 minutes, depending on the type of helicopter, landing point and weather conditions along the route.

The base take-off point is the Hydropark airfield, but if necessary, we can fly to Kyiv Zhuliany UKKK or Borispol UKBB airports. You can quickly and easily reach us from the center of Kyiv or from the airports of the capital.

Zaporizhzhia UKDE International Airport or Shirokoe UKDC Airfield, located on the Right Bank of the Dnieper, on the approach to Zaporizhzhia from the northwest, are considered as base landing sites. Unlike Zaporizhzhia airport, located on the left bank of the Dnieper, on the opposite side, which also affects the duration and cost of the flight.

Helicopter rental is available during the day, passengers can be on one or all sections of the route, and parking / overnight stay is also possible from one to several days by prior agreement until departure from the base airfield.

Helicopter flights in the direction of Zaporizhzhia are amazingly beautiful and exciting. The route passes over the picturesque landscapes of Ukraine and the latitudes of the Dnieper. Van will not be bored, but rather interesting throughout the flight. Ahead of you will be waiting for a lot of new, interesting and exciting. The helicopter decorates any trip, working visit or travel.

A helicopter flight in Zaporizhzhia is an excellent investment in future projects, a path to new frontiers and horizons.

Flight information:

Helicopter – Robinson 44, 1 pilot + 3 passengers

Takeoff – Hydropark airfield

Total time – 5.5 hours

Route – Kiev – Zaporizhzhia – Kiev

Price – 4000 usd

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