A charter helicopter flight from Kyiv to Dnipro is a popular route in business aviation.

Dnipro is located at the junction of the center, east and south of Ukraine. A large energy, industrial, metallurgical center, a city of state and regional significance, an innovative and advanced business center of the country. A large number of offices, representative offices and organizations of all kinds of activities of modern business and investment are concentrated in Dnipro.

You have access to rail and scheduled air traffic. But if your schedule does not coincide with the general transport schedule or requires individual solutions, you can use a charter helicopter flight to Dnipro.

Estimated helicopter flight time to Dnipro is 2 hours 15 minutes – 2 hours 30 minutes, depending on the type of helicopter and the place of landing / take-off. The base airports are Dnipro UKDD or Kamenka airfield, located on the outskirts of the northern part of the city, on the Left Bank of the Dnieper River. But we are always ready to consider your wishes and plan the flight in the most convenient mode for you.

Flight on a Cessna Citation aircraft – 4 passenger seats. Estimated flight time Kyiv – Dnipro is 45 minutes. The place of landing is the international airport Dnipro. Airport operation 24/7.

A fairly convenient alternative way, if there are weather or night restrictions for helicopter flight, a late flight order, and therefore a lack of planning and preparation.

Depending on the goals and objectives, the appropriate helicopter model should be considered. Direct transportation to the destination with a minimum number of 1-3 passengers, economical option Robinson 44. For more comfortable, with additional stops along the route, with a large number of passengers from 3 people, you should consider helicopters from the Eurocopter line in our fleet.

You can rent a helicopter / plane on the same day, today for tomorrow, book in advance, and there is also the possibility of spending the night. The route and flight schedule are agreed in advance, before the day and time of departure from the base airfield.

Helicopter flight to Dnipro is the best solution for your scheduled or urgent flight on our air transport.

Flight information:

Helicopter – Robinson 44, 1 pilot + 3 passengers

Takeoff – Hydropark airfield

Total time – 5 hours

Route – Kiev – Dnipro – Kiev

Price – 3650 usd

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