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Helicopter Kiev – sightseeing and charter flights

We carry out sights and charter flights by helicopters and airplanes in Ukraine and Europe. Our fleet includes more than 7 helicopters of various types and 1 business jet.

We started flying with one Robinson 44 helicopter, but today we have several helicopters in our fleet and, moreover, a Cessna aircraft. The most comfortable aircraft capable of solving the tasks assigned to it at any time of the year, day or night. A great alternative to helicopters such as the Eurocopter 120 or Robinson 66.

Our qualified team is ready to plan your flight in any indicated direction as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. During the preparation of the flight, we will take into account all the pros and cons and offer you the best option for solving the task.

In our daily work we use advanced technologies for forecasting, planning and providing flights on aircraft from our fleet.

All the time, we have acquired a lot of friends, partners and people who trust us from day to day. We are always attentive and responsive to our customers, regardless of the duration or distance of the flight.

Come fly to us. We are always open to new ideas, flights, and interesting cooperation.

We wish you the good luck and welcome on board!


The result of our work

In the course of our activities, we strive for the qualitative growth of indicators, as a result of our efforts.

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We fly

Main activities and popular flights:

Daytime sightseeing flights

Rides and sightseeing flights within Kiev and the region on helicopters Robinson 44/66, Eurocopter 3/4 passenger capacity. From 12 to 100 minutes.

Sightseeing flights at night

Sightseeing helicopter night flights on a Robinson 44, Eurocopter 120 – 1/4 passengers. Route: Kiev + Mezhyhirya 24 minutes.

Flights to the Chernobyl zone and Pripyat

Sightseeing and excursion flights to Chernobyl and Pripyat by helicopter Robinson 44, Eurocopter 120, Bell 407 3/4/5 (6) passengers. Route: Kiev + Mezhyhirya + exclusion zone.


Flights from point A to point B in Kiev and the region. For example, a flight to a restaurant or a flight to or from point of destination to the Hydropark airfield.

Charter flights

Between the cities of Ukraine charter helicopter flights, with landing at the destination, near the settlement, at the airfield, at the airport through VIP terminals. Helicopters Robinson 44/66, Eurocopter, Bell 407 from 1 to 8 passengers. Domestic and international air transportation by Cessna Citation 510 – 4 passengers, Cessna XLS – 8 passengers.

Piloted flights

For each sightseeing flight, helicopter piloting by the control stick is an additional option. The pilot is taking off and landing.

Corporate flights

Your chosen helicopter departs to the event location and performs a series of several flights for the guests.

Romantic flights

Flights to a restaurant, on a date, flying as a surprise or a gift are especially popular. Marriage proposals during the flight, as well as gender helicopter parties.

Wedding flight

For the newlyweds a helicopter weddind flight can be performed as a sightseeing flight, a gift flight, or on the wedding day, a flight to the venue of the event.